LINDY CAT5 FireWire Extender (Up to 75m)

Extends FireWire peripheral devices up to 75m via CAT5 or higher cable 1394/1394a/1394b compatible at speeds up to 400Mbps Stylish aluminium housings Can be used with FireWire equipped PCs Macs digital cameras scanners external drives etc. Remote Extender is powered by a mains power supply unit Transmitter Extender does not require external power Long distance connection via CAT5 or higher STP/UTP cable (cable not included) Connectors: RJ-45 port FireWire 800 9 Pin Female Power connector (remote unit only) Two FireWire 800 9 Pin to FireWire 400 6 Pin adapter cables provided along with a crossover adapter Can be used with standard FireWire 800 (9pin Beta) cables or FireWire 800 (9pin bilingual) to FireWire 400 cables

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kenable DVI-D 24+1pin Male to HDMI Digital Video Cable Lead GOLD 1m

HDMI 19pin Male to DVI-D 24+1pin Male with Gold Plated Connectors
Allows the connection of a DVI equipped PC/Notebook/AV unit to a HDMI TV/Projector or a HDMI equipped AV unit/PC/Laptop to a Digital TFT/LCD display.
The DVI plug will plug into a DVI-D or DVI-I socket (not DVI-A but that s quite rare). HDMI is digital only. DVI can be Digital or Analogue. This cable will connect the Digital of the DVI to the Digital HDMI.
There s no sound sent via the DVI connector, it is picture only. Sound will require an additional cable (usually a jack to jack, jack to 2 phono, or optical cable).
HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface, some of the worlds largest audio visual manufacturers have signed up to the HDMI specification. Over the next few years HDMI will become the mainstream interconnect replacing analogue cable systems.

1 Meter in length

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